What is your production capacity? What equipment do you have?

Galmak uses 1000 metric tons and 1400 metric tons extrusion presses to manufacture aluminium profiles. It boasts an annual production capacity of 7200 tons.

Which aluminium alloys do you use for profile production?

Galmak Aluminium directly imports all the raw materials it uses, in the form of primary aluminium. The term primary aluminium refers to raw materials molded only once, using liquid aluminium tapped directly from the electrolysis process. The primary characteristic of raw materials and its level of homogeneity play crucial roles in the production of high quality surfaces on the profile. Galmak uses EN AW 6060, EN AW 6063, EN AW 6005 A, EN AW 6082 and EN AW 6463 alloys for manufacturing.

Which aluminium alloys are most widely used for architectural applications?

The aluminium alloys which find the widest use in architectural applications are EN AW 6060 or EN AW 6063. In cases of profiles where shiny surfaces are required, Galmak also employs the alloy EN AW 6463, in line with customer demand.

Do you engage in exports? Which countries are the destinations of your exports?

Galmak Aluminium exports roughly 20% of its products and has received numerous export awards from IMMIB. Galmak’s products are exported to many countries around the world, including but not limited to the USA, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Italy, Luxembourg, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Iran, and Azerbaijan.

How can we get a product catalogue and price list?

More than 90% of the profiles produced at Galmak Aluminium are designed specifically for and owned by the relevant customer. As Galmak is unable to include such profiles in a catalogue without the customer’s consent, we are unable to offer a standard catalogue encompassing all the profiles we offer. However, you can get detailed information regarding the products used in your line of business, and receive drawings of common types of profiles, by contacting the technical office. Prices, on the other hand, vary by purchasing volume, alloy used, and the difficulty of production, and are quoted in response to specific requests.

Do you offer profiles with anodic oxidation, paint, or veneer?

Our anodizing and powder coating plant is just 300 meters away from our profile production plant; we offer required surface processes at that plant.

Do you offer profiles cut in required sizes?

The usual sizes of aluminium profiles are full sizes such as 4 m, 5 m, or 6 m. Sizes smaller than 3 m are cut using precise Elumatec saws and shipped, in consideration of an additional fee.

Is it possible to get the exact order volume?

We strive to output the exact weight and quantity stated in your order. However, due to the nature of the extrusion method, a difference of ±10% may arise in contrast to the order volumes. Where the need to receive the exact quantity of the order is emphasised, it is possible to manufacture the product in full, with a tolerance level of +10%.

What is the minimum order volume required at one time?

The minimum order volume per profile type is 250 kg and per export 1000 kg. However, there are instances where we provide smaller quantities of products in consideration of an additional fee.

What is the procedure to procure the profiles to be used in a new project?

You might have a technical drawing or an existing part, aluminium or otherwise, our experienced technical staff develops the design of the profile for production, to meet your needs. The design would focus on cost effectiveness and ease of production. Once the customer approves the design, the die manufacturing begins.

When would the delivery take place, once the design is approved?

The delivery of the profiles with existing dies takes place within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the surface process to be applied. For orders which require new dies, on the other hand, deliveries take place within 2-4 weeks, including the time for die manufacturing. Yet, thanks to our solution-oriented perspective, we can sometimes help you with rush deliveries within 2-3 days, in special cases.

Where the orders are sent?

You can direct your orders or quote requests via e-mail: export@galmak.com.tr, or by calling us or sending a fax, any time. The designs for your new profiles can be sent to export@galmak.com.tr as well.

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