Either for a brand new project or for an existing profile, Galmak offers you its experience of nearly 35 years to shorten the design process. It strives to come up with a higher-quality product by instilling economy, function, and ease of manufacturing in the solution to meet the customer’s expectations. Galmak employs the following steps in the process from profile design to manufacturing:





  • Technical drawing through a whole new design or by taking measurements over an existing part
  • Prioritizing cost effectiveness and maximum utility
  • Ease of processing after extrusion
  • Ease of assembly
  • Optional functionality check when assembled with different parts, using 3D modelling
  • Impact of surface geometry on visual form
  • Provision of packaging instructions to keep the profile undamaged




Extrusion refers to the process of exposing aluminium to high pressure, while forcing it through a die in solid form. The procedure results in giving the aluminium the desired profile form through the die. The design of the die is the most crucial process, given its impact on accuracy of measurements and surface quality. Acting with that awareness and thanks to years of experience, Galmak is capable of successfully producing profiles which are deemed very trying to manufacture. The die manufacturing division and experienced staff of the firm help minimize the time required for new die manufacturing and die revision. Samples for new products can be provided within 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the level of difficulty involved.





Different application areas and different needs of customers dictate different levels of challenge in producing aluminium profiles. The alloy to be used may vary with reference to the mechanical characteristics of the profile and the surface treatment to be applied. Galmak uses EN AW 6060, EN AW 6063, EN AW 6005 A, EN AW 6082 and EN AW 6463 alloys. Custom-designed profiles are produced on modern extrusion lines, without any compromise in terms of quality. Please contact our technical staff about any questions you may have with respect to the unit weight, dimensions, and producibility of the profile you have in mind. (teknikburo@galmak.com.tr)

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